Google’s new app makes it easier for iOS users to switch to Android


Apple has an app for Android devices that helps make the process of switching from Android to iOS easier, but on Google’s end, all the company did was publish a set of instructions asking iOS users to download and backup their data onto Google Drive if they wanted to move from iOS to Android.

While it was fine for the most part, it felt kind of clunky and not particularly intuitive, at least until now where the company has finally debuted its long-rumored “Switch to Android” app for iOS devices. With this app, Google has basically created a setup wizard that helps automate some of the transfer process, making it a cinch for iOS users to move their stuff over to their brand new Android phone.

For the most part, it still seems to involve transferring over iOS data into Google Drive, but Google has included a way for users to move their iCloud data to Google Drive and the overall process does seem to feel smoother and straightforward. There are still some limitations to what can be transferred, such as apps where if you bought an app on iOS you’d need to buy it again on Android.

Also, other things like text messages cannot be transferred using the app. There are third-party apps and services that advertise that they can move all your iOS data to Android (and vice versa), but they’re usually paid, so if you don’t want to pay then this is a good alternative that’s free and official.

Source: TechCrunch

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