Google Contacts now sorts information in cards to match your Material You theme


The very first program to undergo the Material You revamp last year was Google Contacts. With a fresh style that arranges the information about your connections, its makeover has advanced.

The most recent change swaps out the list-style business cards for rounded-cornered Material You cards. Prajjwal Porwal, a Twitter user, found it.

In the new layout, the “Contact info” category, which also includes the “About” and “Labels” sections, is where the contact information and email addresses may be found. Much like the previous edition, your contact’s name and photo continue to be present above the list of action buttons.

The bottom action button in Google Contacts has been replaced by an edit icon will appear right corner. It now more closely resembles the other Google products that have just undergone their individual Material You revamp as a result of the redesign.

However, the Contacts app is getting other changes as well. Recently, Google was seen working on a brand-new UI update for it, one that will have a bottom bar where you can choose between your phone contacts and specific settings.

The new card design ought to be accessible by now if your Contacts app version running on your phone. If not, you can expect this to be an OTA update that you can receive in an update.

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