New AI-based age verification and social vouching are being tested by Instagram


New methods for users to confirm their age on Instagram are being introduced. In order to determine someone’s age, the platform will now use video selfies and social vouching.

The app will ask for evidence of age when someone tries to modify their age from under 18 to 18 or older. The user will pick three friends who are at least 18 years old to serve as vouch for them when they select social vouching. Those chosen will get a message asking them to validate their age; they have three days to reply. Additionally, they cannot be currently vouching for anyone else.

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Video selfies are a more engaging technique. Although the function is reportedly not new to Instagram, it’s the first time it will be applied to age verification. By choosing this option, the user will have to follow directions to produce a video selfie that displays their face from various perspectives. It is estimated that verification will take 20 minutes.

Meta is working with Yoti, an age-verification business that prioritizes privacy and security, to examine and validate the video selfies. Yoti uses AI to evaluate face traits rather than specific individuals to determine a person’s age. According to Meta, once the authentication process is complete, the video selfie is simply given to Yoti and then deleted.

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Users can always choose to upload their ID, which Meta assures is safely stored and removed after 30 days.

To make sure if Instagram is offering its users content that is appropriate for their age, these various alternatives are being trialed on iOS and Android devices in the U.S. This is only the most recent effort by Instagram to combat criticism of the program for its detrimental impact on teenagers. To further ascertain a user’s age, Meta makes more use of AI to identify the context of specific posts, such as birthdays.

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