Instagram Reels updated with support for videos up to 90 seconds


Instagram launched Reels a while back to better compete against other social media platforms like TikTok. Now it seems that Instagram will be updating the feature where one of the main changes is to the maximum length of the video, where users will now be able to upload videos as long as 90 seconds.

According to Instagram:

“We’re giving you more time to play on Reels, by extending the length to up to 90 seconds. You’ll have more time to share more about yourself, film extra behind-the-scenes clips, dig deeper into the nuances of your content or whatever else you want to do with that extra time.”

In addition to longer Reels, Instagram has also announced another new feature for Reels in the form of Templates. Basically what it does is it allows users to “copy” another person’s Reels using the same audio and clip placeholders, so all users need to do is record their video and trim it themselves.

The company is also introducing some features from Stories to Reels, such as adding stickers and allowing creators to create polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders in their Reels so that they will be able to interact with their audiences better. The update should already be live so make sure you’re running the latest version of Instagram if you want to take advantage of all these changes.

Source: Instagram

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