Jun 24th, 2022

The Metaverse Standards Forum is working to create a metaverse that is equally open and functional in the future. By creating a council that supports mutual efforts to ensure uniform standards and accessibility online.

The Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF), which was announced on June 22, is open to any group that wishes to participate and work together. Big names in the gaming industry (Epic Games, Sony), VR/AR (Meta, Microsoft), and the non-profit sector have already joined.

The most well-known member of the council is Meta, which last year rebranded from Facebook and unveiled its aspirations for the Metaverse. It appeared at the time that the business intended to assert its ownership of the idea. But it appears like Meta is demonstrating a desire to get along with other businesses by embracing the Metaverse Standards Forum, which would then permit those businesses to develop goods that appear on upcoming Meta Quest headsets.

Image Source : Meta

Two notable leaders from this collective endeavor are  Google and Apple. Apple is rumored to have abandoned the concept of attempting to create a “metaverse” with its VR/AR headset and is instead planning to deliver a product that adheres to its standards rather than the ones that the MSF promotes.

Google is working diligently on Project Iris, its own AR/VR headgear. With Android, Google has provided a largely open ecosystem. It will be interesting to see if the firm is interested in working with other businesses to create an interoperable ecosystem or if it prefers to maintain control over its own.

While all of this is created with good intentions in mind, let us all have the good sense to keep one eye on their progress.

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