Instagram’s long-awaited Family Center feature has finally landed


Instagram is launching a new product called Family Center, which tries to address the company’s rising concerns about teen safety and mental health. Instagram’s Adam Moserri, who has been vocal about Instagram’s focus on user safety, unveiled the functionality in a blog post on Thursday.

Family Center adds a slew of parental control options to the platform, allowing parents to see exactly how their children are using it. Parents can see how much time their children spend on the app and set limits in this initial iteration. They’ll also be able to see who their children follow, what accounts are following them, and receive notifications if their children report an account on the app.

In addition to parental monitoring, Instagram collaborated with experts to create an education hub in Family Center, which should provide helpful advice on how parents may talk to their children about social media and more.

Instagram will soon offer new capabilities that will allow parents to define the hours during which their children can use the app and grant access to supervisory features to multiple parents.

A lot done, a lot to do.

Dealing with such a complex issue means things are not going to radically change overnight. However, giving people the resources and tools necessary to make better choices on the internet is always going to be a step in the right direction. While these features are only available in the USA at the minute, under the latest build of the app (please download the update from the Play Store if you haven’t already!) they are due to be rolled out globally at some point this year.

In the meantime, if you would like to read up on some of the resources that are available now you to get your own PDF copy of Instagram’s guide for parents and caregivers. Please click here where you can find the PDF in multiple languages, to find what’s right for you.

Sources: Instagram Support, Meta Support via Android Central

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