One Outlook leaks on Windows 11

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Microsoft’s new Outlook email client for Windows, known as “One Outlook,” appears to be nearly finished. As initially reported by Windows Central, some users were able to download the latest software, albeit it appears to be limited to work and school accounts for the time being. Those who have gained access are discovering there are no real surprises.

It’s been long suspected that the Outlook online app will represent the future of Microsoft’s mail clients, and the new software appears to be exactly that. It’s a lot lighter and easier to use than earlier versions of Outlook for Windows, and it’s a lot more robust than the built-in Mail software it’ll eventually replace. Microsoft is continuing to transfer its services to the web instead of running them solely as native apps, therefore the app is completely hosted online.

Image Source: Windows Central


The app was reportedly supposed to be in testing in 2021, with plans to eventually replace the other clients this year. Now, it seems likely Microsoft will announce the new app officially at its Build developer conference at the end of this month and move to replace Mail, Calendar, and eventually other versions of Outlook after that.

It won’t be easy to make the switch because many Outlook users are accustomed to the way the app has operated, and an experience centered on the softer, cleaner online version will feel like a significant change. As a result, Microsoft is likely to keep to offering different versions of Outlook to consumers, at least for the time being.

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