May 9th, 2022

If you’ve ever used Google Translate whether it be on the web or mobile, you might have noticed that your previous search histories do not sync or save. This means that what you translate on the web stays on the web, and what’s translated using the mobile app stays in the mobile app, even if you’re signed into the same Google account.

This is very different from other Google apps and services like Search, YouTube, and more. The good news is that for those who do rely on Google Translate frequently and would like to see more synchronization across devices, you’ll be happy to hear that it looks like Google has started to roll out the feature.

This is according to a report from Android Police where they have received multiple tip-offs from their readers who have received prompts in their Google Translate app, asking them to backup their Translate search history to their Google account. If you think this will be a useful feature, make sure that your Google Web & App Activity control setting is turned on.

This was actually a feature that Google had previously hinted would be arriving way back in 2020 but for some reason it was never launched until recently, but we suppose better late than never, right?

Source: Android Police

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