Windows 10 Pro drops to $15 in VIP-scdkey Weekend Sale!


Microsoft’s return to the Android hardware market is off to a bit of a rocky start with a lukewarm reception for the Surface Duo with most reviewers. This echoed some of our concerns with the unique new device, but you can enjoy a lot of the best of Microsoft’s integrations using any Android device with a Windows 10 PC. 

If you are missing the last piece of that puzzle, then we have a fantastic deal that can bring your old PC up to date with a copy of Windows 10 Pro for as little as $15.04 with the VIP-scdkey Weekend Sale.

You’ll need to use our exclusive code “skpha” at checkout to score the extra 15% off their already low prices. If you already have a copy of Windows 10 don’t sleep on some of the other deals available through VIP-scdkey including subscription-free versions of Microsoft Office.

Here’s a look at some of their best deals on Microsoft software available today:

And beyond Microsoft software, VIP-scdkey has an abundance of games and other software available and our exclusive code “skpha” is usable sitewide, so just drop it in at checkout to get that extra 15% off the lowest listed price.

Windows 10

Windows 10 just celebrated its fifth birthday this summer and it shows, if you haven’t used Windows 10 since around launch it has reached an amazing level of stability and refinement since then. We reviewed the Lenovo Yoga C940 earlier this year and after about 15 years as a full-time macOS user, our reviewer has now fully converted to Windows 10 due to the stability, hardware options, and the tight integration with Android compared to macOS.

Your Phone Companion

While the Your Phone Companion app was pretty rudimentary when it first became available on Google Play it has really flourished in the last year or so and is the key to making the most of Windows 10 with your Android device. Samsung users in particular get to enjoy some powerful features, for example, we recently took a look at how to stream Android apps to Windows 10, which is available to most modern Samsung smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, or Galaxy Z Flip to name a few. 

Even those without Samsung device have plenty of reasons to install Your Phone Companion, as long as you are on Android 9 or later you can control music playback, send and receive texts, receive notifications, handle calls and easily share photos between your devices.

These features are a fantastic productivity boost when working from your Windows 10 PC with your Android device sitting on a wireless charger or plugged into a fast charger to get it topped up throughout the day without missing any important calls, texts or notifications.

To take advantage of these awesome features yourself grab a copy of Windows 10 Pro from VIP-scdkey now or check out any of their other discounted games and software if you already have Windows 10, but don’t forget to use our code “skpha” at checkout for that extra 15% off.

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