Sep 22nd, 2020 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:08 pm

5G is meant to be the next-gen form of connectivity where it will offer considerably faster speeds than 4G, so much so that it is expected to open the doors to new industries and how we get certain things done. But it seems that while 5G has yet to become ubiquitous, AT&T is already looking way into the future with 6G.

During an interview with CNBC, AT&T Communications CEO Jeff McElfresh has revealed that the company and its engineers are already working on 6G networking technology. Before you get too excited, McElfresh notes that it will probably be years before it materializes, but it’s actually interesting to see that the company is already working on it.

AT&T isn’t alone in trying to stay ahead of the curve with the development of 6G. Last year, it was revealed that over in South Korea, Samsung was already working on developing the tech. At this point in time, it’s too early to tell what kind of improvements 6G will have over 5G, apart from the obvious improvements in speed.

5G is already pretty fast and we have seen how tests have shown that using 5G could allow users to hit theoretical top speeds as fast as 2.6Gbps, so we can’t imagine how much faster 6G could be. That being said, our need for faster internet speeds is also matched by the increase in the quality of media we consume.

4K videos are slowly becoming the norm, and with game streaming services starting to catch on, faster internet speeds are crucial in helping these industries succeed.

Source: CNBC (paywall)

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