Sep 22nd, 2020

Many had expected Samsung to be the first to market with a phone with a foldable display. That actually did not quite work out as a company called Royole actually beat Samsung to the market with the launch of the Royole Flexpai. It was not the most elegant design we’ve seen, but it seems that the company is making another valiant effort.

This comes in the form of the Royole Flexpai 2 which was actually teased back in March earlier this year, but it appears that the company missed its intended Q2 launch and have only officially unveiled the handset today.

The Flexpai 2 maintains a similar concept to the original, where unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the foldable portion of the display is placed on the outside, similar to the Huawei Mate X. According to the company, the new display has been designed to feature a better bend radius and better display performance.

It is also said to be more durable where it will have less creasing down the center where the bend is at. The handset will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset and will feature 8GB of RAM and 256GB for the base model, and 12GB of RAM and 512G of storage for the higher-end model.

The display of the phone is 7.8-inches when fully opened, or 5.5-inches when closed. There are quad cameras on the back along with a set of stereo speakers, and a 4,450mAh battery along with 5G connectivity. The Royole Flexpai 2 is priced starting at $1,500, although for now it seems to be exclusive to China.

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