Fantastic deal lets you save 20% on Master & Dynamic’s MW07 wireless earbuds


The goal of true wireless earbuds aren’t really about offering up awesome sound. For the most part, they’re designed for people who truly value lightweight designs and portability, but who’s to say that you can’t have both? This is where Master & Dynamic’s MW07 shines.

These true wireless earbuds have been rated as one of the best-sounding (if not the best) true wireless earbuds in the market today, thanks to its larger-than-usual drivers that allow for it to pump out better audio quality than what the market is offering right now.

Granted they’re not necessarily the cheapest earbuds around, but that’s why this deal for them is a bit too hard to pass up on. They’re priced at $160 which is $40 cheaper than what they normally cost, so what are you waiting for?

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