Jun 29th, 2020

With Google suspending business with Huawei and essentially preventing Huawei handsets after the P30 series from accessing Android, Google Play, and Google services, it has highlighted a problem that should be taken seriously: what should users do if they ever find themselves being unable to access the Google Play Store?

Thankfully, if you didn’t already know, there are actually quite a few Play Store alternatives out there in which you can find apps on for your Huawei P40 Pro. The selection of apps might not be as varied compared to the Play Store, which means that there are times when you might need to seek out apps from multiple sources.

The upside to not having to source directly from Google means that sometimes, you can find apps that Google themselves might not have allowed on the Play Store. The bad side is that depending on the app store you’re downloading from, refund policies may differ. Plus, with Google not providing oversight as to what apps are being uploaded, you could potentially open yourself up to malware or viruses, so that’s something to take into consideration.

For those who were unaware, Amazon actually has its own App Store. The App Store has initially launched years ago alongside the company’s Fire tablets, but if you don’t own a Fire tablet, not to worry as you can still go ahead and download from them. There will be a selection of both paid-for and free apps for users to choose from. There will also be a bunch of movies, books, music, and TV shows you can purchase and download, making the Amazon Appstore one of the closest alternatives to the Google Play Store.