Samsung could launch a $900 foldable smartphone next year


When the first Samsung Galaxy Fold was  launched, we were looking at a price tag close to $2,000. Then the rumors started circulating that suggested that the Galaxy Fold 2 could be priced cheaper by maybe $100-$200 due to Samsung choosing to offer smaller storage, which in theory would reduce the cost of components, and in turn the overall price.

Now, $1,700 to $1,800 is still pretty pricey as far as phones are concerned, but that could improve drastically in 2021. This is because according to a report out of South Korea, it seems that Samsung could have a phone called the Galaxy Fold Lite launch in 2021 with a price tag of $900.

While we still wouldn’t exactly call $900 cheap, it is dramatically cheaper than what the other foldable phones are priced in the market today, and it also puts it on par with other flagship handsets from Samsung. We’re not sure what kind of cost-cutting measures Samsung could have in place in order to reach that rumored price, but we’re hoping that it is true.

Right now, one of the main hurdles of foldable phone adoption would be its price. All the foldable devices we’ve seen are over the $1,000 mark, so if Samsung could get it below $1,000, it would undoubtedly make it a more attractive purchase. As it stands, the cheapest foldable phone from Samsung is the Galaxy Z Flip which is priced just under $1,400.

Source: SamMobile

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