Pixel 2 bug is preventing Google Assistant from hearing Bluetooth headphones


Google isn’t having an easy time with the launch of the Pixel 2 series of smartphones. While the display issues on the larger Pixel 2 XL have gotten the most attention in the media and in various online circles, the smaller Pixel 2 isn’t without its own issues, too.

Several people are chiming in on reddit and the Google Product Forums to say that they can’t get their Google Assistant to work with Bluetooth headphones from the lock screen of the device. The original poster on reddit notes that squeezing while on the lock screen gets you nothing, when Google Assistant should acknowledge the hot word you have set up.

While the original poster focused on hearing hot word commands from the lock screen, various other posters on the Google Product Forums say that they can replicate the issue with a Bluetooth headset no matter if the phone is on the lock screen or not. Another person says temporarily disabling the “Bluetooth headset – Record audio through Bluetooth headset if available” option temporarily fixes the issue since Assistant will receive the commands from the phone’s microphone.

A Google community manager has collected all the reports and they’re investigating the issue to get to the bottom of the bug, but it’s extremely disheartening to see things like this happening with Google’s latest flagship. These sorts of things were sort of expected when Google was charging $400-$500 for a handset, but the new premium price point is a particular sticking point when there have been so many launch issues to be addressed.

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