Google won’t void the warranty on your rooted Pixel 2


While many folks have moved away from the world of rooting due to the improvements of Android as a whole, there is still a rather large community of users who love to root and tweak their device. However, this has been a rather large point of contention between users and the manufacturers as rooting your device would instantly void any warranty that you had.

According to Brian706 at Android Forums, it seems that Google has changed its course on this subject when it comes to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. In a conversation with Google’s support staff, Brian confirmed that rooting and flashing a new ROM onto the Pixel 2 or 2 XL would, in fact, not affect “any warranty” that the owner may have with Google.

Of course, if something ends up happening to your device and you need to send it back to Google, then you’ll need to “return your device to the latest stable version of Android”. Reflashing stock Android in case of a warranty claim comes as no surprise, but it’s really great to see Google so open to letting users truly customize every aspect of the software, without worrying about being left in the dust when it comes to warranties.

The customer support representative stated that while Google is not “against rooting” the company can’t guarantee any functionality in the case that “the source code for the Android OS has been modified.” This really should make many folks happy, and should open the door for developers to create awesome tweaks to enhance the overall experience of the Pixel 2 lineup and Android Oreo.

All of this leads to the question of whether you still root your devices or not. So let us know in the comments below and join the conversation over at the Pixel 2 XL Android Forum!

[Android Forums]


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