Google’s new trade-in program seems to be ripping people off


Many manufacturers now offer a trade-in program as an incentive to get people to stay with their brand, so it wasn’t too surprising that Google hopped on board the trade-in bandwagon with the release of the Pixel 2. It’s also not too surprising that people who have sent their phones in report some problems with Google’s estimates for the trade-in value on their phones.

One person reports shipping a 32GB Quite Black Pixel XL in with an estimate of $400 trade-in value, only to be told he sent an unknown phone and the value is only $300. After five days of run around with Google’s customer service reps, he was finally able to get the full refund of $400 once Google realized they did know what phone he shipped. This issue seems to be quite common and Google is offering $100 in store credit for some.

Another person sent in a mint 128GB Pixel XL with an estimated trade-in value of $410, but only received $162 back because Google says the phone wasn’t properly factory reset. The poster says they factory reset the phone twice before sending it in. There are multiple instances of people being told they didn’t factory reset their phone when they swear they did and Google support seems to be offering a $35 store credit.

Of course, not all the reports from the trade-in program are bad, but it’s disconcerting to know that so many people are reporting not receiving the full estimate they’re due because of an issue that they say they fixed. Plenty of people in these threads are suggesting you take pictures of your device of even video of you factory resetting it before you take advantage of this trade-in program since Google won’t send the device back if the original estimate comes up short.

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