Split-screen is finally available for Chrome OS in tablet mode


Chrome OS devices have a feature called “tablet mode” for devices with touchscreens. Something that people like to do with large-screen tablets is use multiple apps side-by-side. Chrome OS has lacked this feature in tablet mode, but it’s finally available if you know how to get it.

The feature is available on the Dev Channel for Chrome version 64. To enable split screen, you have to simply enable a flag at chrome://flags/#enable-tablet-splitview. To use the feature, tap the overview icon in the corner. Then you can drag the windows and snap them to the sides of the screen.

Keep in mind that this feature doesn’t work for Android apps on Chome OS. It’s only for Chrome windows right now. We’re sure the capability will come sometime down the line. For now, this is a great productivity tool for tablet mode users.

[via Google+]

Joe Fedewa
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