Google Pixel 2 XL display issues could result in a class-action suit


The new POLED panels used in the LG-produced Pixel 2 XL have led to an elephant in the room situation for Google, as the company has done everything short of issuing a recall in order to address consumer concerns. Google has extended the Preferred Care warranty of these devices an extra year and they’ve even announced they won’t charge a deductible for devices that aren’t damaged.

Google has stated publicly that they’ve investigated the numerous reports of screen burn-in and image retention reported by the press, but they don’t consider it a defect. Despite that, a Google representative reached out to CNET and said that warranties are handled on a case-by-case basis and if users are unhappy with their device, they should contact customer support.

“We’re very confident that Pixel delivers an exceptional smartphone experience, and if any customers experience defects, including burn-in, they should contact customer support for a resolution. All warranty requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and our two-year warranty covers a number of areas, including display-related defects.”

The problem is that Google doesn’t publicly acknowledge these burn-in issues as a problem, which is why an attorney in San Francisco is considering a potential class-action lawsuit for the display issues. Adam Polk says Google has given itself considerable leeway in how it interprets the terms of the warranty.

“The warranty extension moves this problem to the back burner, but there is nothing in writing committing Google to stand by this product if burn-in becomes an issue in the future.”

What do you think? Are you happy with the display on the Pixel 2 XL?

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