Google promises fix for Pixel 2 XL audio problems


Google has promised to roll out a fix for yet another issue affecting some Pixel 2 XL handsets. The problem, which is being reported on Google’s official product forum by a growing number of users, causes poor sound quality when recording video.

Since the Pixel 2 lineup made its debut, fans have complained about a growing list of hardware issues. It started with washed out colorstinted displays, and screen burn-in, then strange noises. Now users are reporting audio problems when recording video.

I’ve recorded videos just walking around on the streets and I’ve recorded videos at home,” describes one Pixel 2 XL owner. “Sometimes there’s little distortion and sometimes there’s a lot, and just to make sure, I recorded videos with my original Pixel XL and it sounds much better.”

I recorded a video with water running in the background, which included several pauses and resumes,” writes another. “The audio of the water running at some point gets so tinny that it sounds like an old video game as if the recording was at like 20kbps.”

The video below demonstrates the problem.

Some users suggest that turning off NFC — which, incidentally, is what is causing some strange noises — can help. Others say the only real workaround right now is to just use an external microphone, which obviously isn’t an ideal solution for a smartphone.

The good news is that Google has acknowledged this issue and is already working on a fix. The company told CNET that a software update would be available “in the next few weeks.”

Are you one of the Pixel 2 XL owners experiencing audio problems?

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