Google Home’s multi-user support may be right around the corner


Last month, it was revealed that Google is preparing to launch support for multiple user accounts on Google Home. This feature is necessary for users who have family members all wishing to use the Google Home and Google Assistant for their own respective accounts.

It seems we’re close to seeing that functionality as a message stating the feature has arrived is starting to appear in the Google Home app. Unfortunately, it seems this message is being shown in error as the actual functionality has yet to appear.

With that, we’re still not sure how smooth this will work. Will it be voice-activated? If so, can Google Assistant tell who is talking by the sound of their voice or will users have to specify who they are by giving a name? If not, how is the account switching handled? A toggle in the Google Home app? That’d be a little clunky.

But hey, it’d be better than nothing. A whole new week means a whole new slate of potential updates for Google’s apps, and with this latest development we’re hoping Google Home is on that list.

[via The Verge]

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