It’ll cost you at least $899 to import an LG G6 with Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio


If you’re not lucky enough to live in one of the markets where LG arbitrarily decided to distribute versions of the LG G6 with Hi-Fi Quad DAC, you’ll probably have to import it. And now, we have a good idea of where you’ll need to start in terms of price.

The Australian launch of the device is nearing, and an $1,199 price tag has been set in the region. That’s about $899 for folks living in the US. Don’t forget that shipping and other general importation costs will drive that up even higher.

Of course, if you want to go with Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio, you’ll have to miss out on wireless charging, as only the US model has that for some stupid reason.

If you can’t tell by now, we’re still pretty annoyed about LG’s launch strategy for this thing. We get that the LG V20 is the spec hoarder, but if you’re going to include desirable features on one model of the LG G6, why not include it for all models? Why make potential buyers feel like they’re missing out on something simply because they were born on the wrong continent?

Because, LG things. That’s the only answer we’ve been able to muster thus far as LG hasn’t been particularly chatty about the odd decisions they’ve made. We’re certain the phone is pretty damned good for most people, but we hate thinking about how it could have been so much more. Oh well. Look forward to our full evaluation in our review set to arrive later this month.

[via AusDroid]

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