Mar 3rd, 2017

One of the biggest features missing from Google Home is the ability to use it with multiple Google profiles. After all, it’s a home hub, and many homes tend to have multiple people.

Thankfully, we may be close to seeing it. The latest version of the Google Home app shows evidence that multi-user functionality is coming.

We’re not exactly sure how deep the functionality will be, but some early strings recovered from the APK show evidence that Google is readying a voice recognition feature to potentially know which user is issuing commands. It could also be that the strings — which pertain to “training” your Google Home to recognize a voice — are referring to a system for preventing TV, radios, and other noises from falsely triggering your Google Home.

Even if multi-user support only goes as far as issuing an OK Google command to manually switch between profiles, it’ll be better than nothing and we hope it won’t take long for Google to deliver it.

[via Android Police]

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