Will Super Mario Run for Android be worth $10? [VIDEO]


The long awaited arrival of Super Mario Run finally came this week for iOS. Android users will have to wait a bit longer for Nintendo’s first true mobile game. People have been begging for a mobile Mario game for years, and Nintendo is hoping to cash in on that with a hefty $10 price tag. We were able to try out the game on an iPhone to see if it will be worth playing when it comes to Android.



The game is called Super Mario Run, and that’s exactly what happens in the game. Mario is constantly running from left to right. This game can be best described as an endless runner platformer. The level design should look familiar to Mario fans, and unlike a lot of endless runner games, the levels can actually be completed. It’s not just a “survive as long as possible” type game.

All you really have to do is tap the screen to jump. The longer you press, the higher Mario jumps. It’s incredibly easy to play. Mario will even vault over short obstacles without your help. Many of the things you’re used to seeing in Mario games are in Super Mario Run. Mario has plenty of coins to collect, blocks to smash, and goombas to jump. There’s really not a lot to say about the game. It’s basically like playing Mario if your d-pad was stuck.

Worth $10?


Endless runner and platformer games are not exactly unique in the Play Store. We have the original Mario to thank for the latter. Many of these games are free or $0.99, but Super Mario Run costs a whopping $9.99. You get to try the first three levels and 20 seconds of the first boss battle before being asked to unlock the full game. $10 is a lot for any app or game, especially one that doesn’t have a lot to offer.

You’re essentially paying for the nostalgia. If you’re someone that loves Mario, this is obviously a game you will want to have in your arsenal. But if you’re like me, someone who has never cared that much about Mario games, it’s not worth $10. If I’m playing a platformer I want to be able to control all of my movements. I probably won’t even download the game when it launches on Android.

What about you? Are you a fan of Mario? Will you shell out $10 when the game comes to Android?

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