Nov 15th, 2016

You may read around today that Super Mario Run has picked up a December 15th release date. The game is Nintendo’s first Mario title for mobile, a significant signal that they’re getting serious about the spreading their wings to the biggest mobile gaming platform ever.

super mario run

There’s just one problem: that December 15th release date is only for iOS. If you don’t remember, Nintendo actually announced Super Mario Run at Apple’s iPhone 7 unveiling event, and when that happens games are usually Apple exclusive for some time.

We do expect an Android release at some point, but these timed exclusives can be anywhere from a week to several months long. In our experience, we typically don’t have to wait much longer than a month to see the Android version arrive so we’re hoping that remains consistent this go ’round.

Super Mario Run is an endless runner game where you play as Mario. Race through iconic stages while defeating familiar foes like goombas. The game was designed to be super simple and easy to pick up and play, so while it’s definitely drawing on the classic platforming elements the Mario series is known for, it’s not quite as engaging.

super mario run

That said, it seems like a perfect adaptation for mobile and we can’t wait to check it out. As for an Android launch, we’ll be checking to see if there’s a vague idea of a release date in mind for those who aren’t interested in joining Apple’s ranks.

[via Nintendo Today]

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