Are you still using your Galaxy Note 7? [POLL]


It’s a well-known fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has some serious issues. Airlines have banned the phone from flights. Houses, hotels, and cars have all been reportedly damaged from the Note 7. Samsung issued a global recall nearly two weeks ago. The entire situation is unprecedented in the mobile industry. Yet, some users still refuse to return their Note 7.

Samsung and most US carriers have made it very easy to exchange your Note 7 for a different device. Samsung will give you a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and a refund for the difference in price. You can also exchange accessories for compatible replacements. Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile all offer similar options. So why are people clinging to the Note 7? There are a couple of reasons.

1. “My Note 7 seems fine”

galaxy-note-7-burnt-2So did this one

Of all the possible reasons to keep a phone that is known to spontaneously combust, this is the worst. Ask the family whose car was burnt to a crisp if the phone was working fine before hand. You don’t know if your phone is one of the defective models until it actually “explodes.” Yes, there is a very good chance that your phone is fine, but there’s no way to know for sure. Why take that chance?

2. Waiting for the “safe” Note 7

Galaxy-Note-7-review (5)

This is the biggest reason why most Note 7 users haven’t returned their device. The Note 7 is a very good phone. We gave it high praise in our full review. Naturally, people don’t want to give that up. Samsung should have new Note 7’s available sometime next week. A lot of people are using unsafe phones while they wait for the new models.

A lot of places are offering “loaner” phones to bridge the gap between turning in your old Note 7 and waiting for the new one. The problem with getting a loaner is you effectively lose all your power. Once you return your unsafe device, Samsung and carriers have less incentive to help you. Many people are holding on to their Note 7’s to retain that power.

What about you?

If you currently have the Note 7 (or already exchanged it), we’d like to hear from you. Are you rolling with the odds and using the phone like nothing is wrong? Did you exchange it for a different phone? Are you waiting for the safe replacements? Over at Android Forums there is a long thread with people sharing their opinions on returning vs. keeping. Check it out and let us know what you’re doing!

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