Don’t take or use your Galaxy Note 7 on any flights


A day after the Federal Aviation Administration released a statement that advised passengers against using the Galaxy Note 7 in flight, the Government of India has released a similar statement. Due to the battery issues that are plaguing devices across the world, this has led to numerous countries advising against the use of the device.

The notice above bans users to not turn on or charge the Galaxy Note 7 mid-flight, as well as making sure that the device is not stowed away in any checked baggage. Samsung’s nightmare is almost over though, as it seems that the company is preparing to replace the affected devices with new ones in just a few weeks.

As a reminder, if you haven’t already returned or swapped your Galaxy Note 7, head over to your local carrier and get that taken care of before something happens. Don’t take a risk when you won’t be losing any money, and will be able to get a replacement device when you go to swap in the Galaxy Note 7.


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