Sep 14th, 2016

As Uber promised, their self-driving cars are now accepting fares in Pittsburgh. Uber says their most loyal users will be given the option of ordering an Uber ride with this new option if a car is available.

We’re not sure on the qualifications needed to be considered “most loyal,” but we imagine being a regular Uber rider is in order. In any case, the big news here is that the rides are starting which would mark Uber’s service as the first commercially available way to travel around in self-driving vehicles.


Of course, the technology is still new, and Uber has to keep safety in mind first and foremost when folks are in their cars, so every ride will come with an operator who will take over in situations that require human input, such as in bad weather.

Uber also makes no promise that their rides will ever be free of one of their drivers as the company suggests that a mix of both manual and automated driving is preferred as humans know best how to handle the unique, incalculable situations that turn up in everyday driving. In any case, it’s exciting stuff and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds. If you need to, grab the Uber app here.

[via Uber]

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