The new Amazon Echo Dot will be priced at just $50 and everyone can get one


Earlier this week, Amazon’s Echo Twitter account errantly tweeted out that they would be introducing a new Echo Dot. The tweet was subsequently pulled but let us know that the company was working on releasing an all new Echo device priced at just $50, which is $40 cheaper than the current generation.


Today, Amazon has officially unveiled the all-new Echo Dot. The new version will come in black and white, and will be available for purchase by anyone. With the first iteration, Amazon made it only possible to purchase the Echo Dot by using Alexa from either the Amazon Echo or an Amazon Fire TV. Now, you will be able to purchase one directly from Amazon without jumping through any hoops.

As for the differences between the first and generation, there aren’t many if you’re looking at the Dots side by side. Most of the changes are under the hood as Amazon has integrated a new speech processor which will make it easier for Alexa to understand your requests. There is also a new feature known as Echo Spatial Perception which will come in handy for those with multiple Echo devices. This feature will only activate Alexa on the Echo device which is closest to you.

Pre-orders begin today, with the new Echo Dot priced at just $50 in either black or white, and will start shipping on October 20th. Amazon is also offering a few different bundles including a Bose SoundLink Mini II or your choice of some smart-home accessories. Will you be pre-ordering one of the new Echo Dots?

Pre-order on Amazon: Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)


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