Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners still aren’t exchanging their devices


It’s been said, suggested, and recommended over and over but it seems none of that matters very much. After Samsung issued its recall for the Galaxy Note 7, news outlets everywhere have urged owners of the device to take advantage of the various exchange programs that have been offered. Even if you didn’t want to go through Samsung directly, your carrier of choice was offering to replace the device or give you a full refund.


A new report from Apteligent shows us the adoption and usage rate of the Galaxy Note 7 from its launch until now, and the numbers are worrying. After reports of exploding batteries began, the adoption rate continued to increase, which is still expected since it seemed that the incidents were isolated. However, after a slight drop following Samsung’s recall, the adoption rate rose again. As of now, the adoption rate is just slightly below where it was when Samsung issued the recall.

You wouldn’t ignore a recall from your car manufacturer if there was a chance that something could go terribly wrong and cause loads of damage to your car or your family. So for users to continue to ignore the recall and use the Galaxy Note 7 anyways, it’s a little unsettling. It’s almost as if owners of the device are under the impression that “it won’t happen to me.”

The fact of the matter is that it can happen to anyone, and the evidence of damage is already staggering. We’ve seen a car burned to a crisp, hotel rooms destroyed, and the FAA issued a statement that suggests to not even turn on the Note 7 while on a flight.

Samsung has taken a small step to help limit the damage, as it released a software update in Korea to only allow devices to charge up to 60%. This will prevent the Note 7 from reaching the point that has been causing the devices to explode. Personally, I’m hoping that the reports of Samsung remotely deactivating devices comes to fruition, even if those reports have already been debunked. It won’t be the first time a company has flopped on an original statement.

So do yourself, and everyone a favor. Power down your Galaxy Note 7 and head to your local carrier store to exchange the device.

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