Is HTC working on a successor to the HTC Thunderbolt?




Don’t look now, but HTC may be rebooting the famous HTC Thunderbolt. The device was originally released in 2011 and turned many heads due to its groundbreaking innovation and by being the first ever 4G device on Verizon Wireless.

Thunderbolt dock update

HTC has filed a trademark for the “HTC Bolt” which could be anything from a new charging gimmick or an upcoming feature for a device that hasn’t been released yet. There’s also a chance that the “HTC Bolt” is nothing related to a smartphone device but just another accessory that could be launched in the future. Not knowing exactly what is going on is the catch of seeing a new trademark.

We’re hoping that HTC does something to bring back the Thunderbolt or Bolt branding, but it’s not extremely likely considering the company’s new branding mindset. I mean, it wouldn’t really match up with their current or recent lineup which includes the “One” moniker. On the other hand, since a device with the name of the “HTC 11” wouldn’t have a good ring, the “Bolt” could be next.

Would you want to see HTC reboot the Thunderbolt lineup with a new device? Let us know in the comments below.


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