Sep 7th, 2016

super mario run

In a very surprising move, Apple and Nintendo announced a brand new Super Mario game for phones. Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, stepped out on stage to talk about the new game called Super Mario Run. People have been begging for a Mario game on phones for a long time. It seems Nintendo is finally listening.

Super Mario Run is not like your typical Mario game. It’s more like Flappy Bird than a traditional platformer. Mario is constantly running from left to right across the screen. All you have to do is jump to collect coins and avoid obstacles. The game includes many stages and a “Battle Mode.” It’s not exactly what people envisioned for a Mario mobile game, but it looks fun.

super mario run

Apple and Miyamoto said Super Mario Run will be exclusive to iOS first. The key word is “first.” It was clear that Miyamoto and Nintendo plan to bring the game to more devices. It’s scheduled for iOS before the Holidays. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait much longer for the Android release.

UPDATE: Nintendo confirmed to The Verge that Super Mario Run will be coming to Android after iOS. The iOS version will be released in December. No word on how much later it will arrive for Android users.

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