Sep 7th, 2016

Niantic today unleashed some pretty crazy numbers in regards to Pokemon GO. The company has confirmed that they have exceeded 500 million downloads of the game across Android and iOS. That’s a staggering amount that inches toward the lines of Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s apps in terms of total downloads.

It’s clear Pokemon GO has become an insane hit around the world. Even though initial usage seems to have subsided a bit, it’s still the most played game and the highest grossing game, according to the Google Play Store’s top games charts.

With that, Niantic also revealed that players have walked 4.6 billion kilometers while playing Pokemon GO. Putting that into perspective, that’s more than 2.8 billion miles, and it takes 97 million miles to get to the sun, 24,000 miles to go around the world once.

To go along with that news, Niantic also reassured us of earlier expectations that the Pokemon GO Plus wearable accessory will finally be available later this month. The wearable is a simple Pokeball-shaped unit that can vibrate whenever you’re near a Pokemon. It’s not as great as the official Pokemon GO support the Apple Watch is about to get, but it’s close. Stay on the lookout for more details regarding its arrival.

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