May 9th, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:24 pm

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It’s no secret that HTC is struggling, but their recent earnings report drives that point home. For the fourth consecutive quarter, HTC is reporting losses in revenue. Compared to this time last year, revenue is down 64%. That’s a drop from $41.5 billion to $14.8 billion. Ouch.

There are a couple good reasons for why the numbers are so low. Despite the HTC One M9 being a flop, it did launch earlier last year, which helped sales. This year, however, the HTC 10 (our review) was not released in Q1. The HTC Vive is also not included in these Q1 numbers. Those are two devices that could make a huge impact.

Despite those caveats, HTC’s numbers have been dropping for several months now. It’s possible that even those new devices won’t help. We believe HTC has created one of the best Android devices around, but that won’t mean anything if no one buys it. Same can be said for the HTC Vive. Only time will tell if those devices can help.

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