This supposed OnePlus 3 prototype is using the ugliest case ever to disguise its appearance


Companies with lesser resources often use cases to disfigure prototypes of phones they’re working on. The cases tend to be bulky and ugly, but they’re not there to accentuate the user’s style.

In the case of this supposed OnePlus 3 prototype, though, it’s perhaps the ugliest we’ve ever seen. It’s actually pretty comical:

It has bulging orbs at each corner of the device and a very weird cartoon character (Update: thanks to you guys, I now know it’s from an anime called Shin Chan!) on the rear. Yuck.

Oh, let’s talk about the phone it’s supposed to be protecting. It’s supposed to be a OnePlus 3, but we’re not so ready to believe that this is an actual OnePlus 3. It looks more like an HTC phone that never saw the light of day. It has a fingerprint sensor, a square camera module, and plastic antenna lines that you often see in metal phones (which would be considered the first hint that OnePlus is going with metal).

It’s a device, that’s for sure. We’re just not sure it’s the OnePlus 3. And even for a company with a playful side, that case does nothing to, well, help its case. What’s your take?

[Weibo via AndroidPure]

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