Moto X 2016 and Verizon’s latest DROID shown off in newly leaked renders


We’ve been seeing a ton of the 2016 Moto G in recent leaks, but Motorola has been able to keep a bit tighter of a lid on things for their more flashy phones due this year. A little bit more on their latest Moto X flagship spilled out today, though.

HelloMotoHK has ended their brief radio silence to give us another leak. The Moto X 2016 appears here in a render with the silver metal chassis we were tipped off to a while ago. The device features a circular camera module — a much welcome departure from the ugly camera plate they’ve used for much of the Moto X line to date — and some strange-looking speaker holes at the bottom.

moto x 2016 1

Swinging things around to the front reveals more unfamiliar territory. We see a square button for fingerprint support, but there are also a couple of strange looking dots to the left and right of it. We’re not sure if these are supposed to be back and recent apps buttons or some sort of proximity sensors for added functionality. We’ll have to wait for the device’s eventual arrival to settle those questions.

The leakster also had a new Verizon DROID to show off. We’re not surprised that it looks similar to the Moto X, though Verizon’s model has a really cool color scheme going on with its rear side. The speaker configuration is also a bit different, but not so much that it separates itself from the device it’s based on.

verizon moto droid 2016 1

We’re not sure if this is some sort of Moto Maker option or a limited edition style, but we’re obviously hoping for more choice so folks who don’t like it can get something more their style.

Oh, there’s also one other significant change: a big checkmark sitting above the fingerprint sensor. But you were already expecting that.

Unfortunately, that’s all we can say on these renders right now, with the leakster opting to go with a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” to caption the post. How are you feeling about Motorola’s 2016 darlings if these renders turn out to be accurate?

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