Use Skype to send a Valentine’s Day video card this weekend


It can be tough to find the perfect Valentine’s Day cards to convey your emotions to your loved ones, and that’s why Skype’s video cards are the perfect solution. The company has updated their app to include some new effects for their video cards feature themed specifically for Valentine’s Day.


For videos, your message can contain floating hearts while you say what you want the recipient to hear. To find it just tap the + button, and you’ll see a heart icon. Just make sure the message is loving and (in the case of couples) romantic!

There’s also a new Love tab for “mojis” (Skype’s enhanced emojis) so you can find appropriate stuff to send. The collection includes a new bundle of custom compositions by Paul McCartney so you can express your love in song. Be sure to find the update right here and have your stuff ready to go for this weekend!

[via Skype]

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