This USB cable automatically backs your data up while it charges your phone [KICKSTARTER]


An interesting new accessory has hit Kickstarter. It’s the MEEM cable, a USB charging cable that can automatically back your data up every time you go to charge your phone. The cable is ordinary in the way you plug it in — one end is microUSB, and the other end is standard USB for charging on your PC or with a wall adapter.

But embedded in one end of the cable is a memory unit that will automatically back your phone’s contents up — like photos, messages, music, contacts and files, whatever you want — while it’s charging. You probably wouldn’t snag this as your primary means of backup, but it could be treated as a safety net for those moments when you forgot to sit down and do a full backup at your PC or to your preferred cloud service.

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Phone dead and the last time you backed it up to Google Drive was last weekend? Your charging cable might have the latest stuff you’re looking for. It’s that simple.

Of course, this isn’t as inexpensive as any ordinary charging cable. MEEM will run you about $57 for a 16GB cable, while a 32GB runs $80. The company is seemingly limiting orders in the early going, so you’ll need to be fast to make sure you can claim one.

They’re probably doing it so they don’t get too many orders before figuring out how easy it will be to fulfill them, which is smart considering recent happenings from other crowd-funded projects. You can head here to learn more about the MEEM cable and decide whether you want to pledge, and you can expect product to start shipping as soon as next month.

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