Samsung accidentally pushes Marshmallow to another Galaxy S5


Why don’t more companies accidentally slip major Android updates to devices which aren’t supposed to get it for quite some time? Another Samsung Galaxy S5 user is swimming in Marshmallow goodness after their device mistakenly pulled the update down.

Samsung Galaxy S5 hand DSC05788

We should always leave open the possibility of a hoax or someone flashing a port of leaked firmware, but it isn’t out of the ordinary to see something like this at this point. We can tell this isn’t simply a port of the test firmware that Samsung sent out for users of their 2015 flagships as those devices had the fully updated TouchWiz (complete with new icons and a blue-on-white color scheme for the notification bar).

The lucky users erroneously receiving these updates are obviously jumping for joy, but it’ll likely be a while yet for a full-scale rollout to commence. The earliest window for an official OTA rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is April according to the latest information, and we should assume that timeline only applies to unlocked models of the handset. Either way, we’re at least glad to see Samsung is hammering away at the update and that they aren’t simply sitting on their hands.

[via FranDroid]

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