One T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 user somehow got Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and system dumps are already leaking


We weren’t sure what to make of a report that one lucky T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 user on XDA received Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The device apparently lost baseband and IMEI information which rendered it useless on a cellular network, a fact that some pointed to in determining that this seemingly lucky instance was a mere ROM flash gone wrong.

But destined to prove that he did, in fact, receive the update over-the-air, the user is working with XDA members to deliver full system and partition dumps. This file means little right now for someone who’s just looking to flash their way to Marshmallow, but getting a system dump allows developers to begin work on “Frankensteining” a ROM that can safely be flashed.

While we await further information about the system dump and what it could help the developers achieve, here are some screenshots of the changes Samsung has reportedly made to the latest Marshmallow-based TouchWiz build. Some early things we can see include a flashier reboot menu, a very white notification pane, and the implementation of Android 6.0’s new permissions control in the camera app.

There are bound to be other subtle changes sprinkled throughout, but without a full look at the firmware we won’t know what’s what until more information is available.

So, what now? For those who are rooted and don’t mind flashing ROMs, someone is sure to be working on a ROM out of this. All you can do right now is keep an eye on this XDA thread where discussions about the leak are ongoing. Those who aren’t willing to flash can either hope to be as lucky as this guy was, or simply wait until an offcial rollout happens (which hopefully won’t take long now that T-Mobile seems to have test builds in-hand).

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