Verizon asks the FCC to approve WiFi Calling on their network like they did for AT&T


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It was earlier this month AT&T customers (well, those with select Apple devices) were excited to learn the carrier had successfully gained approval from the FCC to go ahead with their plans to launch WiFi Calling. It went live the day after, and like T-Mobile has been doing all these years, allowed users to finally route their calls over a WiFi connection, regardless if they had a good cellular connection or not.

Joining T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T in the WiFi winners circles is now Verizon, who has recently reached out to the FCC to enable WiFi calling on their network. In the petition, Verizon states that because they’re asking for the same treatment AT&T already received, there’s no need for public comment and hopes to gain approval in an equally speedy manner.


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