Oct 26th, 2015

Samsung Galaxy View BandH listing

Last week we got more than a few good looks at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy View, the Korean manufacturer’s over-sized 18.4-inch tablet. A device so big it comes with its own carrying handle, the tablet was recently spotted making a short lived appearances across a few retailers’ websites, revealing pricing details before it’s even made official.

According to the listings on Adorama and B&H Photo (which have since been removed), the Galaxy View will run about $600 for the 32GB version. Not too surprising considering it’s big enough to eat your dinner on top of but is still considerably cheaper than the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro 32GB which retails for $800. Both listings were only to pre-order the device, not actually buy the thing, so we’re expecting Samsung to make this thing official in the coming days.

Now that we may know pricing, let us know if any of you would be interested in buying Samsung’s latest table, er- tab, down below.

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