Oct 8th, 2015

ATT WiFi Calling

After the FCC finally cleared AT&T to go ahead and use WiFi calling on their network (after all, T-Mobile and Sprint were already doing it), the nation’s 2nd largest carrier is wasting no time in bringing this new functionality to their customers. Well, some of them anyway. In a new blog post, AT&T announced that starting today, WiFi calling is now available on select devices which, at least initially, only includes the iPhone 6 or above, running iOS 9. Yup, that’s it.

WiFi calling is pretty seamless and aside from enabling it in the settings, doesn’t require any additional thought on the user’s end. Just dial a number like you always do and if cell reception is low or unavailable, calls will be routed through an existing WiFi connection. Same charges and minutes will be used as a normal call.

AT&T mentions in their FAQ that only those in an HD Voice coverage area will be able to move outside an active WiFi connection while on a call and not have it drop. Anyone in a 3G/4G area should expect calls to drop when moving outside their WiFi connection. Pretty basic stuff but if you have any more questions, check out AT&T’s WiFi calling page here.

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