Nexus 6P factory images (Android 6.0) now available for download


With some Nexus 6P orders already arriving on doorsteps as early as today, some Android veterans may feel the need to tinker around with the device as soon as they take it out of the box. While it’s generally a good rule of thumb to avoid messing with the phone’s software without first having something to fall back on, Google just uploaded factory images for the Nexus 6P, officially giving ROM addicts the green light to tinker away.

Nexus 6P factory images

This means now matter what kind of weird, unofficial software you flash to the phone, you can always bring things back to its original stock software state. Just like when it came out of the box. Looks like there’s 2 builds — MDA89D and MDB08K — the first being some sort of T-Mobile build, and the other we’re not entirely sure of (our Nexus 6P is running MDB08H with a Verizon SIM). Flash at your own risk.

Thanks, John!

[Google Developers]

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