Sep 21st, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:08 pm

There’s no shortage of devices coming out of LG’s camp. Just earlier today we told you about the now official LG Class, their new aluminum clad smartphone with mid-range specs and a 2.5D display. Coming around the bend, we also got wind of the LG V10, a new smartphone with a second auxiliary display that will likely be unveiled on October 1st during LG’s event in New York. But is it possible they could have something else up their sleeve?

With rumors that one of LG’s next big smartphone launching this year may not be as high-end as some would like, they just can’t seem to shake rumors of the return of their Pro phablet line. It’s been rumored since all the way back in June, with more recent rumors pegging some sort of dual-rear camera setup and a 5.8-inch 2K display. We know, LG admitted to sidelining the G Pro last year, but they didn’t say anything about 2015.

Today, @OnLeaks is giving LG G4 Pro rumors some legs with placeholder that apparently crossed his desk. The blurry photo isn’t so much that newsworthy information here as is the placeholder itself. @Onleaks says the tweet was meant to show that an improved version of the LG G4 is coming, whether the phone launches as the LG G4 Pro or some other name (LG G4 Plus, perhaps?) remains to be seen. We’ll keep an eye out.


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