Report: LG to put G Pro line on the sidelines to focus on flagship offerings


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It seems 2015 will be the year of downscaling for many smartphone manufacturers. A new report from Korean publication Herald Corp suggests LG is looking to slim down in the next year to come. According to them, LG feels that their LG G Pro line of smartphones is getting redundant and that they’ll be looking to get rid of it to focus on what should eventually be the LG G4.

LG introduced the G Pro series a couple of years ago to appease the crowd who valued bigger displays above all, and aside from increased screen size it typically employed similar or even slightly better specs than the flagship mainstay it looked to supplement. But considering LG has been pushing the size envelope on their main G lineup (the LG G3 is 5.5 inches) the LG G Pro is seemingly no longer necessary.

This allows LG to do more than just cut unnecessary fat. Taking another premium device out of the equation allows them to put an even bigger spotlight and focus on the main flagship. This is true not only for areas of advertising and marketing, but also in loading up the best possible specs and features into their main flagship that they can.

We’re still sure to see a spin-off device here and there (such as Mini variants and LG’s usual smattering of entry-level and mid-range options), but only one king can sit atop a throne, and for LG that’s likely to be the G4.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. LG just get’s it. Samsung needs to take lessons from them. I hope they succeed. I loved my G2 and G3. I hope it doesn’t get any bigger than the 5.5 they currently offer, however my wife prefers a smaller phone. Would be nice if they offered 2 models, a 5.5 and say a 4.7 with the same specs. That would be awesome.

    1. So basically the iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

      1. That’s garbage to me.

  2. too bad. The G Pro 2 was one of the best phones ever

    1. It had almost identical specs to the note 3 several months after it came out.

  3. Then why call it G Pro if its not high end?

  4. Considering the G Pro was released on one carrier in the states and the G Pro 2 wasn’t released at all in the states it makes sense to scrap the line all together. Why release a phone that nobody can buy.

    1. The U.S. isn’t the whole world.

      1. It’s a huge market that is used to paying top dollar for their phones and upgrading quick

        1. I’m part of that group. I buy a new flagship every six months, and buy side phones to play with, buy evrything unlocked too. The only reason I can afford to do that is that I’ve got no kids. Living the life.

    2. That would put SONY out of business. It might explain their billions in losses.

  5. I want to see a smaller (5’5″-5.7″) G Flex 2 with a 1080p screen and still a monster battery or the 2K screen, SD810 and still a monster battery

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