Aug 25th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:36 pm

LG G4 back buttons

LG hasn’t exactly been playing coy about their plans to launch another flagship smartphone later this year. Back during Mobile World Congress, LG revealed a new flagship to surpass even the G series would arrive during the second half of the year, only to later tell a Korean news outlet that the phone would be “super premium,” targeting the high-end market. This was after they admitted LG G4 sales didn’t perform quite as well as the company had hoped.

Today, ETNews is now reporting that LG is now back pedaling, with LG Chief Cho Joon now officially taking back anything that was said about the phone being “super premium.” He did, however, once again confirm that the phone is still scheduled to launch Q4 2015, so there’s that. Unfortunately, he didn’t provide any further details about the phone, its name, or anything else along those lines.

You may remember back before the LG G4 was made official, there were rumors that because of manufacturing/time constraints, LG wouldn’t be outfitting the G4 with metal like they had originally planned. Instead, they’d have to wait for a more premium “LG G4 Note” to launch later in the year to make use of the more premium materials.

While lot can be said about a phone using more premium build materials, we don’t necessarily feel like this is a make or break kind of thing. The quality of the hardware, not how expensive it feels is always the deciding factor for us. Of course, we’re not the general consumer. While it’s true nobody wants their $600 smartphone to feel like a child’s toy, LG has always done a pretty good job at using plastic to mimic the look and feel of metal. We’d be willing to bet that for most, they can’t even tell the difference.

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