LG’s next 2015 flagship could carry a 5.8-inch 2K display and dual-rear camera setup



More rumors out of Asia claim to shed some light on LG’s latest flagship confirmed to be launching later this year. You may remember LG’s sudden change of heart where they said the phone be “super premium” as originally stated (it’s still unclear if this was in reference to build quality, or general specs) but don’t let that get you down. It could still carry some very high-end hardware, namely a large 5.8-inch 2K display.

Now, the LG G4 was one of the few Android devices launching this year that came close to matching the photo quality of the Samsung Galaxy S6. For this new flagship, LG is said to have a new trick up their sleeve: a dual-camera setup. It will allegedly work somewhat similar to HTC’s implementation on the One M8, with the secondary camera used for depth data only with some kind of new always-on focusing feature.

Just because it will work similar to the HTC One M8, don’t let that scare you. It worked out pretty well for the Huawei Honor 6 Plus and depending on the implementation, could be as effective as Qualcomm and Corephotonic’s setup here. In either case, after seeing how serious LG has taken mobile photography in the LG G4, we’re hoping they wouldn’t be wasting their time with just another gimmick.

It was last year LG reportedly put a hold on their G Pro line, the company’s high-end phablet devices, in order to focus on their more regular-sized flagships. Looks like this year we could be seeing the return of the LG G Pro, only likely under a completely different name.


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