LG G4 Pro specs rumored to include Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and a 27MP camera



The Pro variant of the LG G4 is rumored to have some pretty ridiculous specs. In fact, they’re so ridiculous that we’d say you should take this rumor with a very fine grain of salt.

According to information uncovered by a Russian outlet, the LG G4 Pro will come with a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM and a 27 megapixel camera. Most folks are happy to have anywhere between 2GB and 3GB of RAM and between 13MP and 20MP for camera, so this phone would exceed the expectations of anyone in the market.

The Snapdragon 820 is an interesting include as well. It’s not currently ready for mass production, though Qualcomm’s original estimation was that we’d say the very first devices use the chipset starting either at the end of this year or early next year.

We imagine current LG G4 owners reading this might feel a bit peeved to be missing out on such a beast, but we’d recommend not letting this news get you down. For starters, it’s a rumor — I think we’ve iterated that point before.

It’s also worth noting that Pro variants of LG’s flagships don’t often spread as far as the base flagship model, so it’s possible you won’t even get a chance to buy one once it’s officially available. We’ll be digging for more to see if this rumor is accurate, so stay tuned!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. Soooo, how much for JUST the DVD?

  1. I want it. I want it with a 1080p screen and 4500mAh battery.

    1. Heck, I want it with a 6.1 inch screen, 720P screen and 5,100 mAH screen, because that would be a most epic battery life. But alas QHD is what’s hot right now and next year Samsung’s insane 4K screens will set an all new level of unnecessary specs. Honestly Samsung is to screen resolution what Apple is to obsessions with thinness.

      1. I think it would still have beastly battery life with a 1080 x 1920 screen, that would definitely persuad me to buy it.

  2. if this thing has anything smaller than a 4,500mAh battery, then no sale here! If its close, then this will surely be the phone to beat when released!!!

    1. Agreed. I just hope companies stop inflating the pixel-peen and start inflating the battery-peen instead. Couldn’t give less of a dump about anything more than 350ppi.

  3. and this is how u kill the sales of ur newly released device!

    1. Not really. Your typical smartphone buyer isn’t going to care. I would even say that the tech. savy aren’t going to hold off for an undetermined amount of time for a rumor.

      If I was buying today, the G4 would be highly considered. Trying to push the wifey into one, but she is holding onto her iPhone 4 for dear life (scratched screen and degraded battery and all).


  5. lol.. yeah right..

  6. Haha sounds awesome. Won’t let it get me down (g4 owner), there’s always something better around the corner and December/January (820) is very far away in the tech world

  7. Hopefully it’ll come out about the time of my 2 yr in Nov.

  8. Supposedly it’ll have a 5.8-inch screen. Yikes.

    1. I know, not nearly big enough. The Nexus 6 showed us what gloriously large screen real estate can do and I’m cringing at the thought of buying and phone with a screen that’s not at least 6.1 inches.

      1. Might as well get an LTE Nexus 7 2013 or 7″ Galaxy Tab if you want that. Phablet shouldn’t even be the term for these kinds of devices anymore. It should be pho-blet or ta-one.

        1. I’m actually a huge phane of Tablones such as the Huawei Mediapad X2 with its 7 inch screen. And no I don’t agree that consumers shouldn’t have the choice if a single device that combines phone and tablet. I don’t want to buy an extra device, nor carry one around.

  9. If the battery is removable then they can just take my money. If not then it will have compete with Nexus Phanlet, Note 5, and Moto X phablet.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. If Samsung does away with the removable battery.. I’m sad to say I finally have to jump ship after being a loyal note fan owning the whole series.

  10. Just out a massive battery and sd card slot..bring the G Pen aswell..

  11. Will compare the g4 gone HULK to the note 5 and make my decision then on which one will grace my pocket…

  12. Definitely not worried about any silly offering from LG they are pretenders in the phablet space made prominent by Samsung since August 2011. Nothing beats the Galaxy Note 5 or S6EdgePlus come October.

    1. The only pretentiousness around here is coming from your self-righteous a$$. Remember to stifle your gag reflex when you let Samsung facef$&k you next time.

    2. Are you the same person who used to spam Phandroid contents with your HTC-worship a few years ago, Ray-something or other?

  13. I’ve always been a fan of LG. We’ll see if this is true. Maybe I’ll upgrade my G3.

    1. ^^^ THIS!!! …..I was literally just thinking the same thing.

  14. How is LG with software updates, and such, now? My only experience with them was the G2X. I swore I would never go back to them because of that piece of crap phone, and LG turning their back on the customers that bought it.

    1. Not as quick as Nexus updates, obviously. I’ve got a G3 on T-Mo and I’m on 5.0.1. I honestly liked 4.4 better. Maybe that will change with 5.1. My brother had the G2X and it was pretty terrible. My G3 is great though. I love it.

  15. What if this is actually the 2015 LG Nexus 5?

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