LG V10 exposed: secondary display, Snapdragon 808, fingerprint scanner, and more rumored


LG V10 TENAA leak back

Amidst the Samsung Gear S2 madness, a mysterious LG handset was discovered passing through TENAA (China’s equivalent to the FCC). Going by the model number LG-H968, the phone — which carries a “V10” branding clearly printed on the back — looks like what you’d typically find from an LG handset, only there’s one small oddity…

The front facing camera is placed in a very strange location, leading some to believe that it’s actually located physically underneath the display. Now, we’re not sure how something like that would even work, but @evleaks has another idea: it’s actually located alongside a secondary display. You know, like that weird Samsung Continuum from awhile back.

LG V10 TENAA sides

Now, the TENAA certification didn’t reveal any hardware details, but according to Blass, this LG V10 will feature a 5.7-inch display, Snapdragon 808 processor, 16MP/5MP cameras, micro SD card slot, integrated fingerprint scanner, and that auxiliary (secondary) display we talked about earlier.

Now, you’ve probably read elsewhere that this is the LG G4 Note/Pro, but it’s reportedly a different fish altogether. As far as a launch date, he says it could arrive sometime in October. We have to admit, it’s quite the looker.

[@stagueve | @evleaks 1, 2, 3]

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